This episode is a Special Edition recap from the IF’MAS Bass and Trout Derby hosted by Nick The Informative Fisherman on December 13th, 2014 at Lake Camanche.  

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The latest Northern California fishing reports and news. This week we have special guest Jane Strain with an update on the drought and the hyacinth problem in the Delta. She also has a new game where you guess the celebrity angler. Nick the Informative Fisherman is back with more info on this coming Saturday’s IFMAS derby and holiday party at Lake Camanche. He also has tips on fishing Camanche. The catch of the week was posted by Kenny Horton.

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Listen to the lastest Northern California Fishing news and reports.

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Ep. 101: 11-06-2014

Listen to the lastest on Northern California Fishing news and reports.

This episode we are joined by guests:

This Episodes cover art work comes from Mobber Richard Waters who posted a video from his crab trip on opening day.

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Ep. 100: 10-26-14

We're back with our 100th episode of the RodMob Northern California fishing podcast! We've got the latest reports, fishing news, and upcoming events. Plus a little walk down memory lane in honor of episode 100.

Thanks to all of you for listening and contributing! 

Album art courtesy of Shon Logan

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Our 100th episode is comin' soon!

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Today, we've got the latest on the bite around Northern California...special guest David Weiner joins us to talk fishing and design...and of course, we cover upcoming events and what's making the headlines.

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We've got the latest news and best bites for Northern California fishing! Plus, this week Ernie Marlan joins us to chat about Delta stripers and share about his upcoming seminar at the Fisherman's Warehouse in Sacramento. 

Our album cover this week features Alex Cortez, who nailed his limit of salmon on our River Salmon Extravaganza with Elite Sportsmen Guide Service.

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We've got the latest on the Delta from Jerry Neuberger of Brown joins us to talk about the upcoming Don Lee Memorial Bass Tournament...we've got another great the latest headlines and reports.

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Album art courtesy of Nick Jameson.

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We've got a bunch of RodMobber reports to share this week, along with the latest best bites. Plus, we cover the latest headlines and announce the winners of our upcoming River Salmon Extravaganza. Thanks for tuning in!

Album art courtesy of NorCal Sportfishing Adventures

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