#115 03-30-2015

Listen to the latest NorCal Fishing Headlines & Tightlines!

In episode 115, Spring is here and we’ll look at the best bites

Live Bait Delta guru Mike Gravert of Intimidator Sportfishing updates us on striper action in Delta.

Nick Smith the Informative Fisherman answers questions submitted by the listeners in a new podcast segment, Called Ask the informative fisherman.

Want a RodMob sticker? Stay tuned for details...

We’ll update you on upcoming events in the calendar

And Jane is back with the headlines


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#114 03-20-2015

In Episode 114 Captain James Smith of the California Dawn joins us for look at 2015 season and we bring you the latest reports and events.

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#113 03-09-2015

Northern California Fishing Headlines and Tight Lines

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#112 03-03-1015

Northern California Fishing Headlines and Tightlines.

Listen for a chance to win passes to the Sacramento Boat Show!


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