We've got a great show this week! Kenny Priest joins us with the latest on Fishing the North Coast...the Informative Fisherman shares some valuable tips for avoiding common fishing mistakes...plus we cover all of the week's best bites, headlines, and more!

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The hot tuna bite continues, bass and sharks are in the SF Bay, striper reports are starting to come in for the Delta...and we've got the rundown on the best bites for NorCal lakes and rivers. Plus listen for all the details on this week's giveaway.

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In this week’s fishing news and best bites...

  • The tuna bite is ON! - we’ll tell you where

  • More Salmon are entering the rivers - and Wayne Syn of Orland Outfitters talks about salmon fishing on the Sacramento River

  • Matt Heron has an update for us from the Truckee area

  • Catfish fever is hittin’ the lakes

...and more! Thanks for tuning in!

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The RodMob podcast is back! And we've got all the latest reports in this week's show: epic tuna bite on the North Coast, all kinds of ocean and river salmon action, plus the best bets for trout, bass and catfish on NorCal lakes.

Today we also talk with Jerry Neuberger from DeltaStripers.com about the latest on fishing for stripers on the fly in the Delta, and Stelo415 shares his latest from fishing all over the SF Bay Area.

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